DSQ Chinese Birdseye Prefolds - Unbleached - Natural Color4x8x4

DSQ Chinese Birdseye Prefolds - Unbleached - Natural Color4x8x4
DSQ Chinese Birdseye Prefolds - Unbleached - Natural Color4x8x4
DSQ Chinese Birdseye Prefolds - Unbleached - Natural Color4x8x4

These are 4x8x4 ply, unbleached, 100% Chinese birdseye weave cotton prefolds manufactured for Doodle’s Diapers.  The birdseye weave is softer and more quilty than twill/gauze diapers. They are incredibly soft and absorbent and become softer with every wash.  They have a natural ivory cotton color to them because they are unbleached. The highest quality fabric and manufacturing available makes these prefolds the best Chinese you can find. No toxins are used in the manufacturing process and the diapers are hypo-allergenic. These are Diaper Service Quality (DSQ), which means they are the same ones used by diaper services and can withstand industrial washings.  These diapers are thirsty, absorbent, and durable enough to last through all your children!!


Prefold diapers are the most economical cloth diapering method. They can be secured with pins, a Snappi, or a diaper cover.  They can also be used as burp cloths, changing pads, stuffers for pocket diapers, and cleaning rags.  The diapers will look flat upon receipt but will fluff and quilt up thickly with every wash (the picture above is of unwashed prefolds and the picture below is of a washed prefold). We recommend washing these diapers a few times before the first use.
                                                   Prefold inside a Thirsties Cover
Size newborn/infant has green stitching and measures 12.5” x 16” prior to washing and shrink to approximately 11” x 15” after washing.  They generally fit babies up to approximately 10-12 pounds if secured with pins or a Snappi, they can fit larger babies if folded and used inside a diaper cover without pins or a Snappi. The photo above is a size infant prefold inside a Thirsties Medium cover.  It fits babies according to the Thirsties cover sizing.     
Size regular/large has blue stitching and measures 14.5" X 22.0" prior to washing and shrinks to approximately 14” x 19.5” after washing. They generally fit babies approximately 15-30 pounds if secured with pins or a Snappi. 
These are sold individually. 
Place the number of diapers you need in the Qty box. If you need one dozen diapers, enter "12" in the Qty box.  Likewise, if you need two dozen, enter 24 in the Qty box and you will automatically receive the discounted pricing for 24+ diapers when you add them to your cart.
Looking for smaller prefolds?
Buy 24 or more and receive a 10% discount

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